UCI Microbiome Initiative

The Problem

Microbial communities–microbiomes–in our soil, oceans, and bodies have a lot in common. But current microbiome research is not well coordinated among disciplines. The UCI Microbiome Initiative seeks to create cross-discipline collaboration to discover universal principles about microbiomes across all systems.

Under the Microscope


The UCI Academic Initiative program seeks to unravel some of the world’s most challenging problems through cross-discipline collaboration.

Below are some of the opportunities and challenges for the UCI Microbiome Initiative.

  • Researchers can study the microbiomes of healthy and premature babies to work toward providing every baby a healthy microbiome at the start of life.
  • Environmental scientists can learn more about healthy soils and oceans to better predict how ecosystems will respond to climate change.
  • Scientists at the UCI MIND Institute can unravel the complex links between digestive health and debilitating neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s.
  • What role do microbiomes play in human and environmental health?
  • Can we promote the development of strong, resilient microbiomes?
  • Can we alter microbiomes to benefit us and the environment?

Upcoming Events

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