UCI Microbiome Initiative

Microbial communities–microbiomes–in our soil, oceans, and bodies have a lot in common. But current microbiome research is not well coordinated among disciplines. The UCI Microbiome Initiative seeks to create cross-discipline collaboration to discover universal principles about microbiomes across all systems.

Human society depends on the beneficial effects of environmental microbiomes, which regenerate soil nutrients, purify drinking water, and stabilize our atmosphere, contributing to agricultural sustainability and climate-change adaptation. We are only beginning to discover the complex interrelationships between the body’s microbiome, health, and disease.

While human and environmental microbiomes have traditionally been studied separately, UCI researchers have already begun to bridge the gap, opening up new possibilities for improving the health of the Earth and its inhabitants. We are building collaborations across disciplines, identifying similarities between human and environmental microbe communities, and training a new generation of interdisciplinary microbiome scientists.

To facilitate new microbiome research on campus, the UCI Microbiome offers consulting services to help develop new projects, connect labs across disciplines, and collect preliminary data. Sign up below.

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