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Pilot Project Awards

 Part of the mission of the UCI Microbiome Initiative is to support new microbiome research on campus. 

The Pilot Project Awards provide in-kind support to analyze microbiome samples. Microbiome Initiative staff will conduct sample preparation and molecular analysis of identified samples. Proposals were reviewed by an ad hoc review committee in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Board.

Program Criteria


UCI students, postdoctoral researchers, research staff, and faculty are eligible to submit a proposal. However, every proposal must identify a UCI faculty member that is overseeing the project. In addition, it is essential to identify the particular researcher that will be in charge of shepherding the samples from collection through statistical analysis.


Once the samples are available, we aim to provide sequence data within two months. This timing cannot be guaranteed, because some samples may need troubleshooting or because of conflicting project schedules.

Review Process

The proposals will be selected by an ad hoc review committee in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Board of the UCI Microbiome Initiative. Awards will be announced in early December.

Milestones and Reporting

Before the awards are finalized, the awardee will meet with Microbiome Initiative staff to set specific milestones to gauge project progression. Continuation of support throughout the entire award period will be contingent upon meeting the project’s goals in a timely manner. Awardees will be expected to provide a six-month report with findings and a twelve-month project update. Awardees agree to present the project at a Microbiome Initiative event and acknowledge the UCI Microbiome Initiative in all publications and presentations.

Pilot Project Awards Announcements: